Teen Game Design Class

Welcome to Guardian Castle, where games and adventures come to life. But what goes into creating those games in a real-world environment?

Guard Up has a class to teach heroes ages 13+ the many skills required to become masters of their own universe of games. Here are just a few of those skills:

  • Defining and utilizing game mechanics
  • Controling players’ experience
  • Working as a team to create a new project
  • Thinking on your feet and adapting to new information
  • Advanced acting and roleplay
  • Creating great characters

While our Game Design class focuses on building immersive stories like those our heroes enjoy in our Foam Sword and NERF Adventure classes, Wizards & Warriors and Zombie Summer Camp and our many Friday Night Adventures, these skills apply to many areas of life beyond the realm of Sidleterra and the walls of Guardian Castle. Our hero-makers are passionate about fostering confident and creative leaders who make learning a constant pursuit.

Our Teen Game Design Class students get behind-the-scenes access to our Blackwatch events – Interactive Sword Adventures for Teens. Many students contribute their own creations (games, NPC characters, storylines) and see their work turned into real experiences for their peers and themselves.

We welcome all teen heroes to get in on this great new program along with our other Teen classes, camps, and programs.

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This class is so pertinent to your education, that we even wrote a summary for you to include in your college application or to place on your resume:

Teen Game Design Class Resume Summary

Participated in the Teen Game Design Class, a class designed to promote creative thinking, reflective analytical skills and leadership in working through the medium of game design.  As part of the class students Design their own games to be run in classes and  assist instructors in game based classes while working directly with students.

  • Worked with groups of peers on completing tasks designed to foster creative problem solving.
  • Took part in regular exercises to promote reflection and critical thinking.
  • Designed original games every week, to demonstrate knowledge of subject matter.
  • Completed curriculum on formal models of Game Design across gaming media
  • Worked with peers to design proposal for group project. Created timeline and procedure for approved project and followed steps to completion.
  • Worked with instructors to design curriculum for story based education, and sword classes.
  • Worked with instructors to help supervise and entertain student groups.
  • Learned and applied active listening skills.
  • Gave and received constructive criticism and feedback.

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(new students/campers only, one per person, parents/guardians of minors must be in attendance during first lesson or event)