Stage Combat Class

Zorro, Captain Jack Sparrow, Aragorn, Darth Vader and others… the spirit and fun of movies and books come alive in this Stage Combat class. Join us and learn the basics in safe stage combat, and then use what you’ve learned to create your own scenes!  Our instructors use video recording to help students see their performance improve.

Learn the following in Stage Combat Class:


  • Sword fighting
  • Staff fighting
  • Weapons and empty hand choreography
  • Scenes from movies and theater
  • How to engage in safe mock brawls, falls, and more!

This is THE class for the student interested in acting, theater and film.  Learn the art (and fun!) that goes into acting and choreographing.  Make video clips and edit together scenes to share with your fellow choreographers and fans.  This stage combat class is creative, exciting, safe, and fun for teens and adults.

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(new students/campers only, one per person, parents/guardians of minors must be in attendance during first lesson or event)